2020 Atlas Copco QAS 330 JD T4F


$159,560 (USD)


Longmont, CO

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John Deere

JD Tier 4 Final, turbo charged, intercooled, six-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engine provides ample power to operate the

generator continuously at full-load.

Meets all US EPA, CARB and Environment Canada exhaust legislations with Tier 4 Final compliance. The engine utilizes a Selective

Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to meet final Tier 4 emissions. All functionality of the engine is controlled

automatically on the controller.

The engine has the capability to start the generator at 14°F (-10°C) with standard glow-plug aid. Cold start options are available for machine

starting for down to -13°F (-25°C).

The 385 Gal (1457L) fuel tank is sufficiently sized to operate the unit at full-load condition for long run times (see the Technical Data table for


The engine operates on a 24V negative ground electrical system with a charging alternator and lockable battery cutoff switch.

The cooling system is suitably designed for continuous operation in ambient conditions up to 122°F (50°C), with canopy door closed

QAS 330 come equipped with a DeepSea 7310 control module. This is a fully diagnostic ECU controller with large 3”

display, that is intuitive and easy to operate with all functions conveniently at your fingertips. The controller also manages the engine ECU

operating system, and a number of safety warnings and shut downs on various parameters (listed below).

The controller is powered by a main On/Off switch located next to unit.

DeepSea 7310 Controller Functionality:

Home Page (displayed while running, scrolling every 3seconds) Info Page Generator voltage (ph-ph)  Model numberStatus Page  USB identification number Generator voltage (ph-N)  Configured engine type Generator voltage (ph-ph)  Module’s date and time Generator frequency  Scheduler setting Generator kw Engine Page Generator power factor  Engine speed Generator amperage  Oil pressureGenerator Page  Coolant temperature Generator current (A)  Engine battery volts Generator earth current  Run Time Generator load (kw)  Oil Temperature Generator load (kVA)  Fuel Temperature Generator power factor  Turbo Pressure Generator load (kVAr)  Fuel Pressure Generator load (kWh, kVAh, kVArh)  Fuel Consumption Generator phase sequence  Fuel Used Dual mutual status  Fuel LevelEvent Page  Auxiliary Sensors Displays the last 15 events  Engine Maintenance DueRemote Start/Stop  Engine ECU Link Automatic start/stop via 2 wire dry contact connection Engine DTC PageOperational Buttons  This page contains any active Diagnostic Trouble

Codes that the engine ECU is currently

generating. These alarms are conditions detected

by the eng

The Leroy Somer LSA alternators are designed for heavy duty continuous applications, with marine winding protection and Leroy Somer’s

AREP excitation system.

• AREP Excitation for superior motor starting capabilities

• Marine grade (relative humidity >95%) protection

• External multi-voltage selector switch (3 – position)

• 4 pole brushless design with single bearing, Class H insulation and IP23 rating

• Voltage regulation +/- 0.5%

• Full Load acceptance of prime power rating


ManufacturerAtlas Copco
ModelQAS 330 JD T4F
Stock NumberED00425