QTY 34 New CPS Power Solar Inverters 50/60 kW, 1000 VDC String Inverters 10 year warranty


$34,000 (USD)


Paso Robles, CA

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2020 New CPS Power Solar Inverters 50/60kW, 1000Vdc String Inverters

Wire Box Included

New CPS Power Inverters 50/60kW, 1000Vdc String Inverters for North America

Qty 29 60 K Inverters Model: CPS SCA60KTL-DO/US-480

Qty 5 50 K Inverters Model: CPS SCA50KTL-DO/US-480

Qty 34 Model: CPS SCA50/60KTL-480-WB Standard Wire-Box

Warranty Included on start up !!!!!!

The 50 & 60kW (55 & 66kVA) medium power CPS three phase string inverters

are designed for ground mount, large rooftop and carport applications.

The units are high performance, advanced and reliable inverters designed

specifically for the North American environment and grid. High efficiency

at 98.8% peak and 98.5% CEC, wide operating voltages, broad temperature

ranges and a NEMA Type 4X enclosure enable this inverter platform to operate

at high performance across many applications. The CPS 50/60KTL products

ship with either the Standard wire-box The CPS Flex Gateway enables monitoring, controls

and remote product upgrades

Key Features:

NEC 2017 PVRSS Certified Rapid Shutdown

 55 & 66kVA rating allows max rated Active Power @±0.91PF

 Selectable Max AC Apparent Power of 50/55kVA and 60/66kVA

 NEC 2014/17 compliant & UL listed Arc-Fault circuit protection

 15-90° Mounting orientation for low profile roof installs

 Optional Flex Gateway enables remote FW upgrades

 Integrated AC & DC disconnect switches

 3 MPPT's with 5 inputs each for maximum flexibility

 Copper and Aluminum compatible AC connections

 NEMA Type 4X outdoor rated, tough tested enclosure

 UL1741 SA Certified to CA Rule 21, including SA14 FW and SA15 VW

 Separable wire-box design for fast service

 Generous 1.8 and 1.5 DC/AC Inverter Load Ratios


ManufacturerChint Power Systems
Stock NumberED00433