25 kVA Sound Enclosed Trailer Mounted Generator /New Warranty Tier 4 Interim




WSP 25 kVA Sound Enclosed Trailer Mounted Generator /New Warranty

Warranty: 2 year/ 2000 hours

Engine: Perkins 404D-22G, 32Hp 2.2Lite

Emissions: Perkins Tier 4 I

Enclosure: Sound insulated enclosure

Cooler: Oversized cooling package for prime use

Fuel Tank: Oversized fuel cell with forklift pockets/double wall fuel tank with 42.5 hours at 100% load

Generator End: 300% PMG motor starting capabilities with upgraded digital DER1voltage regulator with +/- 0.5% regulation

Voltage Selector Switch: 3 Position voltage selector switch for single phase 120/240v Zig Zag, 3 Phase 208/120v low wye/parallel star, 3phase 480/277v high wye/series star

Controller: Deep Sea 7310 series digital controller with heated display (event logs)

Circuit Breaker: ABB main breaker with shunt trip

Rental Grade Standard Package: Lugs/distribution connection, weatherproof female cam-locks, and convenience receptacles that are usable during 3Ph (single phase convenience receptacle voltages may vary while the unit is in 3ph)

Lockable door with lock out of which trips main breaker when door is opened with voltage selector switch and lugs

· Battery charger

· Auto start capability

· Level 1 cold weather package hot start

· Factory installed E-Stop

· 2 ways valves for connection to a bulk fuel tank/remote fuel tank hookup to outside

· Valves for quick connection of an engine coolant, and oil plumbed to the outside.

· Stainless steel hardware

· Heavy duty battery disconnect switch

· Insulated closed cell for super silent dBA 59 @ 23 ft. – prime power

· Trailer mounted

154” × 71” × 79“

(391 × 180 × 201 cm)

3900 lb


ModelWSP 25 kVA Prime
Stock NumberEM00332
404D-22G Fuel Tank Capacity60.7 gal.
Warranty2 year/ 2000 hours
EnginePerkins 404D-22G, 32Hp 2.2Lite
EmissionsPerkins Tier 4 Interim
EnclosureSound insulated enclosure
Rental Grade Standard PackageLugs/distribution connection, weatherproof female