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Gas Gathering Compressor




Compressors are used in gas gathering applications for compressing natural gas produced from individual wells and other sources. The gas is stored or gathered through a network of pipelines and travels through a central pipeline to a designated location. The natural gas may be gathered from several different sources, such as a gas well, an associated gas and casing head gas, produced from an individual oil well, or gathered from other production facilities.

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 Questions for Quoting Project

1.) Electic or Natural Gas Drive

2.) Gas Heat Value/ Electric Voltage and Phase

3.) Suction Pressure/Design point (PSIG)/Low PSIG/High PSIG

4.) Discharges Pressure Design Point(PSIG)

5.) Gas Flow Rate /Low PSIG/High PSIG

6.) Gas Flow Range

7.) Design Point (MCFG) / Low MCFD/High MCFD

8.) Gas Specific Gravity (SG) (0.65 is standard)Gas K Value (1.26 is standard)


If a gas analysis is available, please attach it here

Suction Temperature (F) (70F is standard)

  • Ambient Temperature (F) (90F is standard)
  • Required Discharge Temp (F)
  • Elevation (ft) (1500 ft is standard)


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ManufacturerKingsly Compression
ModelGas Gathering
Stock NumberEM00336